Tailor-made IT to increase efficiency

Theoretically, each of us can accumulate an infinite number of (material) resources, but time is the only resource that we have a limited amount of available


If it's about more than web design with Wordpress and a page builder, we are your perfect contact when it comes to data handling.


Tired of expensive, confusing processes or structures? We are happy to support you with central management.


Independence with a focus on ease of use, sustainability, scalability & standardization are our specialty.

Our Mission

We live and love open source and data protection

For us, open source means maximum transparency and freedom in software development. This results in independent and timely (further) development of a feature without having to rely on the goodwill of a the goodwill of a company with proprietary software.

"Trust, but check" - this is how we see the topic of data protection, because just because "data protection" is written in the general terms and conditions does not mean that data protection is also handled in your favour. Usually under the guise of "service quality" or "marketing".

It is entirely possible that behind the perception of our senses, worlds are hidden of which we are unaware...

Albert Einstein

Master of the Universe

About us

How does square root knowledge work?

Our strengths lie in Full-Stack Development and the IT management of lean, sustainable and efficient B2B Custom solutions beyond the marketing spiral.

We take our responsibility towards our customers very seriously, because your lasting success is ours future growth. We value long-term, friendly customer relationships on an equal footing with focus on handshake quality and no artificially generated customer needs without added value for you company.

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Our Services

Bring it to the point

Branding & Conception

Consistent designs and layouts for a efficient implementation


more than just web design for the sustainable success of your project

Full-Stack Development

Safety by Design with a penchant for speed and scalability


Surveys & tests for employees and customers with automatic evaluation


Independent with a focus on efficiency and your perfect return on investment

Training & Lectures

on the topic of e-commerce, web development & security for your employees

Embedded Design

with FreeRTOS & Linux for modern IoT solutions & automotive retrofits


more than 10 years of experience in chemical plant construction with Siemens products