Web development sensibly scalable

Reduce long-term costs with foresight and remain flexible in further development


For design studies, prototypes and website content without schematizable data with GeneratePress, YoastSEO & Gutenberg

Laravel & Statamic CMS

Scalable websites with dynamic content or recurring, schematized data, optionally headless with API interface

Backends & SaaS Lösungen

Tailored to your company with your individual workflows for accounting, time recording and much more

Full-Stack Development

Think ahead instead of running behind

Web presences that are maintained in terms of content grow over time, but what effect does this have on costs in the event of a redesign or changed requirements?

We ask such questions together as part of the conception for perfect lifecycle management, because your ROI (return on investment) is also our top priority.

With our sharing code principle, you can significantly reduce your development and cost risk if you wish.

Our promise: Modern Frameworks

Practical Examples

A blog article is published every week, the author wants his short description to be adjusted or there is a request for a different design of the "About the author" after 2 years by the company.

104 Posts = 1 Posts x 52 Weeks x 2 Years


Copy & pasted the author description into each post due to lack of functionality.

So a change has to happen in 104 blog posts.

Effort: 8.5 hours (5 minutes each change)


Referenced the author description with a data model for each post.

A change must be made once to the respective, centrally referenced author.

Effort: 5 minutes

Your advantage: Reduction of administrative work and more budget for the further development of your web presence.

It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that's all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.

John Ruskin

Visionary of business ethics


Suitable for small marketing websites

WordPress is the right solution for us when small websites with blogs are implemented, corporate designs are implemented with existing templates & Gutenberg, or when basic prototypes are needed for design development.

Functions such as SEO, multilingualism or caching are only available using plugins. Here the dose is the poison when it comes to performance or annual, recurring costs of premium plugins, e.g. WooCommerce to actually be able to use it "productively" in the corporate environment.

Our tip: At a certain point, in-house developments based on your requirements make more economic sense than plugins, which only cover 60-80% of your requirements cover. This means you remain independent of subscription models, price adjustments or functionality.

Basic installation without plugins for modern features such as SEO, caching or multilingualism, but with Gutenberg (content editor)



Laravel & Statamic CMS

Remain technologically flexible and scalable

Statamic makes sense when basic WordPress functionalities cannot be covered without plugins, when schematizable and dynamic content or proper media management are in the foreground.

Laravel with Statamic CMS already has functions in the core that are only implemented in Wordpress using plugins, such as: Multilingualism, permission management or blueprints for specific content models.

Your advantage: Remain technologically flexible and scalable regardless whether on the frontend with Vue.js, React, Livewire and Tailwind CSS as well as technological points such as caching, databases, E-commerce or SEO.

Blueprints are a key component of the content modeling process. Inside a blueprint you define your fields, which field types they'll implement, group them into sections if you desire, and define conditions controlling their visibility. The control panel uses blueprints to render publish forms so you can manage content.



Backends & SaaS Lösungen

Your workflow, your individual software

For individual backends with business logic that cannot be represented by classic CMS systems, such as time recording, accounting, ticket systems and much more, we rely on Filament if we develop your web application based on Laravel or replace existing backends in stages.

By using Filament we can be 100% focused on database structures & models, security and Focus on business logic and significantly reduce the costs of UX development. When replacing one Backends, our focus is on existing database structures with data models as far as possible 1:1 to map or optimize - if this is the most economically sensible way.

To refinance your individual backend, you have the option of further developing the web application towards SaaS for your customers after a successful rollout in your company. Of course with separate databases or modules specially adapted to individual customers.

A collection of beautiful full-stack components. The perfect starting point for your next app.