LimeSurvey open source survey tool

Free alternative to SurveyMonkey, Netigate, Doodle and many other survey tools


We develop tests, surveys and 360° feedbacks based on LimeSurvey as well as specific question types and templates for LimeSurvey

Management Dashboard

With our dashboard, we support you in recurring tests and the subsequent evaluation with a significant increase in efficiency


In 2020, we were able to implement the PERMA-Lead test procedures with automatic evaluation and dynamic modules for GmbH

Development of surveys and tests with LimeSurvey

Vendor independent and open source

We create or digitize various tests and questionnaires based on LimeSurvey for companies, consultants, trainers and coaches, with a subsequent PDF evaluation report for the respondent or statistical evaluations for decision-makers.

In classic surveys, the results are exported and evaluated with SPSS or Excel. The diagrams are then created with Microsoft Excel and the report is created with Microsoft Word. For recurring surveys, however, this procedure is very time-consuming, which can be optimally automated.

By automatically creating reports, the error rate for careless errors in the evaluation and formatting of the document is reduced to zero. Basic formatting for headers and footers, headings and paragraphs can also be used centrally for different report formats.

Our promise: More (life) time for meaningful tasks

LimeSurvey is open source and therefore an interesting alternative for surveys and tests that require features not found in other tools.



LimeSurvey Report Dashboard

Increase efficiency in evaluation

Our dashboard based on Laravel and FilamentPHP offers an efficient reporting and evaluation option for recurring or consistent surveys for different customers or target groups, which have to be divided into several surveys for various reasons.

Another possibility is the implementation of fully or partially automated functions that further reduce the reporting and administration effort with your customers, such as anonymization of survey participants after a predefined deadline or automatic status reports by email during the survey on the progress of the response (response report).

If desired, the backend can be expanded to include real-time statistics for individual or multiple surveys. In addition to a classic database connection, it is also possible to connect the dashboard to the LimeSurvey cloud service via RemoteControl API using an XML-RPC / JSON-RPC interface.

With our dashboard, we help you to automatically evaluate, pseudonymize or generate reports on recurring 360° surveys, tests or polls. Of course, with activity tracking.

LimeSurvey Management Dashboard

Survey Overview


Reduce repetitive activities

With our dashboard, we extend LimeSurvey with useful functions for handling, management, reporting, processing and data protection.

Automatic backups

Manually or with intervals and connection to Amazon S3, Dropbox, OneDrive and much more

Token Anonymizer

Perfectly tailored to your participants to ensure data protection

Status reports

Manual download in the dashboard or automatically with interval via email

Bulk data export

Combine multiple surveys with one click, with calculation if required

Bulk reports

Generation of statistical PDF reports across multiple surveys

Evaluations as PDF

Result reports for your customers with significant time and cost savings


See what happened to your data and reports in compliance with data protection regulations

Real-time statistics

Charts for individual tests, combined or ongoing surveys


Filter your tests and surveys by industry, customer or other parameters

Depending on the application and budget, new functions can of course be implemented according to your personal needs or existing functions can be modified or expanded.

In our backend, we attach great importance to data protection and thus to the monitoring of user activities.

LimeSurvey Management Dashboard

User overview

Use case / reference project

Do you like the practical example?

We were able to implement the Positive Leadership Potential Assessment for GmbH in 2015, which was replaced in 2020 by the PERMA-Lead test procedure - with a significantly expanded scope and degree of automation.

As an example of a test with a final result as a PDF, the PERMA-Lead Profiler can be viewed. When ordering the token(s), the certified consultant can decide individually whether the interested party receives the result directly or whether the result is sent to the consultant by email on the final page and discussed as part of a coaching session.

Furthermore, our dashboard is used to evaluate and generate 360° feedback reports, which aim to compare the manager's self-assessment with three other external assessments. Optional additional modules can be booked or evaluated in the surveys, such as management skills or career-enhancing behaviors.

Bulk reports or summaries of several surveys in one report, comparable to the leadership and organizational culture analysis are also possible.